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Unitech FM provides integrated, quality facilities management services .

To create harmonized and customized solutions that support your core operations and exceed your expectations.

An affiliate of Unitech MEP, operating across Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, Unitech Facility Management brings practical knowledge and experience from a diverse range of industry sectors, and across all disciplines, to achieve strategic and financial goals for your buildings and assets, with inclusive, flexible facilities strategies and innovative solutions.

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Unitech Facility Management, ‘UFM’, for integrated services is a company established in 2014 and it is one of the emerging companies from the parent company, Unitech MEP. The purpose of its establishment is to transfer all maintenance contracts for major national projects carried out by the parent company to unitech facility management which is specialized in facility management by using modern and advanced methods of maintenance of buildings and facilities. Unitech Facility Management’s scope of business later expanded to include housekeeping work, façade cleaning and landscape works, in order to enter Egyptian integrated facility management market. Today Unitech Facility management is expanding its business outside Egypt, specifically in West African countries


Competitive advantages between Uni-Tech & competing companies

This union will provide the employer with the utmost levels of technical and logistical support by merging the capabilities of the two companies into one entity to achieve an unprecedented level in the maintenance and management of equipment and tasks in the process of this tender.
The union of the contracting and maintenance companies ensures that the employer is confident that the assets and equipment that he puts under the management of the union will be preserved, maintained and improved because behind the operation and maintenance of each equipment is long-standing experience that understands its financial value.
This union will provide the employer with twenty years of experience designing, implementing and maintaining major projects in partnership with the major consultancy offices, such as Dar Al-Handasah, Shaker and the Engineers Consulting Group. Our value engineering and unique solutions ensure the best possible operating costs through multiple factors, including energy and water consumption.


At Unitech Facility Management, our vision is to provide you with a safe, productive and healthy environment by finding and developing new ways to use your spaces more efficiently. This will positively impact productivity, innovation and the overall culture in your space, creating more measurable value than ever before. We will also create frameworks to reduce waste and your carbon footprint through our personalized sustainability and energy management services. Unitech Facility Management will achieve goals for your assets and buildings, as well as optimize your spaces to support employees’ performance. 


We aim to be recognized for our customer-centric model and our vision of excellence. Unitech Facility Management will continue to explore and introduce innovative tools to enhance customer experience and empower businesses to maximize their success. To increase living standards and economic productivity across Egypt is the driving force behind every operation we work on.

Deep expertise and our people are at the heart of what we do. Our 21+ years of experience in MEP services gives us a unique understanding of the nature and value of our clients’ assets. We are committed to regular training and professional development of our technicians, creating highly skilled workers who are experts in their fields thus reducing risks. 

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