Given that buildings account for almost 40% of global energy use, sustainability has become an important strategic topic in Corporate Real Estate and Unitech Facility Management in particular. Unitech Facility Management now offers energy management, health and safety, waste management, recycling, water consumption and carbon footprint management services. These responsibilities will expand even more in years ahead.
Because sustainability is so highly prioritized on our agenda – even at the board level – our dedication to deliver sustainable solutions across all platforms and activities is evident. As other countries continue the shift towards sustainable cities, professionals will need to rethink all existing assets and system into a sustainable framework, including making life-cycle assessments and undertaking life-cycle building management.
That’s why, at Unitech Facility Management, we are committed to educating and training our employees in maintaining a sustainable workplace and developing new methods to reduce energy levels, waste and carbon footprint overall, to help you and your assets stay ahead of sustainable developments.
Unitech Facility Management help you stay competitive, by collaborating with HR and IT teams to align and support the overall company strategy. To accomplish your needs, we develop sets of strategically relevant key performance indicators, KPIs, that measure outcomes such as: ability and speed of knowledge creation; impact of office environment on employee productivity and innovation; impact on culture; customer satisfaction; and ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.
Unitech Facility Management finds new, customized ways to create value for your assets, workspace and other. We do this by constantly seeking and adapting to the latest technologies that allow more mobility or provide better conditions for employee training, or creation of a healthier workplace environment that can increase employee productivity and minimize overall stress levels.

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