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Our training programs are designed to enhance our employees’ expertise and is compliant with all international standards. Unitech Facility Management uses both external and internal trainers, as is required to get the best results and professionalism.

Unitech Facility Management is dedicated to the creation of highly skilled intelligence workers. Therefore, its fundamental goal is to recruit and train appropriate human resources. Although compensation and benefits are important for all employees, best-practices organizations have found that the additional focus on knowledge management is critical to productivity and profitability. That is why unitech facility management has established numerous training programs to demonstrate that the one valuable way to use knowledge management is by allocating time for employees’ competencies and gaining more skills, such as newly hired or transferred employees. These programs cover skills across all disciplines and scope of services, including housekeeping applications accompanied by specific contract requirement training. Unitech Facility Management also provides basic Fire Safety, Confined Space Entry, and Safe Working at Heights training, in addition to technical specific courses, designed to address changing technology for light current systems among others.

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